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Sleepy Saturdays

Sometimes there is nothing better than quiet, sleepy Saturdays spent doing not a great deal of anything. Except reading obviously.

Here are a few snippets from my Saturday.


Straight from the garden


Naps with the Zeus Cat


Mismatched patterns…because, Saturday


A Trip to the City

I had to spend two days in the City this week for work, which is always a great way to ‘travel’ while getting paid for it.

Perth is a beautiful city, despite the constant roadworks that make getting around by car almost impossible.

Luckily for me, I choose to get everywhere by foot, which is a whole lot easier and gave me a chance to really appreciate autumn in the city.


Perth’s infamous Boatshed


Sunshine in the City




Hotel Lobby


Hotel Life


Hotel Life


A Brand New Day

The Paperbook Blog is back in action…with a difference.

Firstly, it’s had a huge makeover. A renovation, a face lift. There is a bit more of me here than there was before. There is a bit of my life, a bit of my photography, and of course, a lot of my Paperbook Collective.

It is quite fitting that I bring the blog back today, as WordPress has just let me know that The Paperbook Blog has been up and running for two years exactly. A lot has changed in my life since then, and I haven’t exactly been the most dedicated blogger unfortunately, but such is life.

I will be posting more updates over the next few days, but in the meantime, hello.

Hi. I missed you.

A Taste of Cambodia | Part One

I have wanted to get back to Cambodia ever since I spent time there in 2008…an unbelievable seven years ago. Somehow life kept getting in the way, as it tends to do, and I always told myself I would get back there ‘next year’.

Well ‘next year’ was finally this year, when I bit the bullet and bought the ticket. Three amazing weeks spent trawling through one of my favourite countries. My first five days were spent in Siem Reap, which has undergone an incredible transformation over the past seven years. Gone is the sleepy little town that I remember. In its place was a sprawling, bustling city; a city that has clearly capitalised on the tourist boon that is the temples of Angkor.

Here is a taste of those first five days:


My hostel: Sidewalk Never Die. Yes, I did choose it for the name, but it was a fantastic hostel and one I would highly recommend 


Ice deliveries on the streets of Siem Reap


Scooter city


Sunrise at Angkor Wat


Early mornings at the temples. This one is my particular favourite: Wat Bayon


A moment of quiet amidst the intensely chaotic temples. The sheer amount of tourists at the temples of Angkor was a surprise…hugely different to my experience seven years ago


Streets of Siem Reap


Streets of Siem Reap

Off the Shelf

James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces is controversial not only for its confronting subject matter, but also because Frey passed it off as a memoir for years, despite much of it being fabricated. The story follows Frey’s alleged descent into drugs, alcohol and crime, detailing his time spent in an expensive rehab clinic.

Perfect reading for a rainy Sunday afternoon…

On Procrastination


The very first concept plan for The Paperbook Collective, circa June 2013

It feels surreal to be finally putting together the contents page for Issue Eight of The Paperbook Collective, but that is what I am doing this morning.

This issue has sat in pieces for so long that it became the elephant in the computer – that one massive project that I have consistently avoided over the past six months.

But now that I have dived into it again it is coming together as though not a moment has passed. I’m sure there is some lesson on procrastination in there but I will studiously avoid that for now.

There are some incredible pieces of work in Issue Eight. I was distracted for hours last night reading through them all, caught up in each one as I scrolled through the pages.

And each piece is so vastly different, which is exactly what I was aiming for when I begun this crazy project 15 long months ago.

So much has changed in my life in that time but I’m thrilled that The Paperbook Collective is still kicking on!

Issue Eight will be hitting the virtual bookshelf of my blog within the next week or so (no deadlines now, remember?) but if you have a piece that you would like included please feel free to submit it.

This will most likely be the last issue published before Christmas, so it would be great if you were a part of it. If you have already submitted something for this issue (regular contributors, I’m looking at you) that doesn’t mean you can’t submit another. Because, you know, the more the merrier and all that jazz.

Send your work through to with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your preferred pseudonym (or let me know if you’re happy to be published under your own name)
  3. Your country
  4. A link to your blog
  5. A short bio about yourself (in third person) to be included in the Contributors section.

I would absolutely love to see your work, no matter what it is. As long as it is creative (and let’s be honest, what isn’t?) The Paperbook Collective will happily publish it.

It’s amazing how once you stop procrastinating all sorts of good things start to happen. Over the weekend I headed down south so a lovely little market with a good friend who has just begun her own creative venture. We had an amazing day chilling out in the sunshine and meeting the locals, many of whom thanked us for coming down to the markets and one of whom actually said “welcome to Balingup”. I love small country towns.

It was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time.


The Paperbook Collective at the Balingup Markets


Our little stall


I also finally made a sign for The Paperbook Collective. Painstaking, time-consuming…totally worth it.


So anyway, that’s where I’m at. Wrapping up Issue Eight, accepting submissions from you and heading off to my day job. Because something’s gotta pay the bills.

Have a great Tuesday.


You’re Now a Raging Success

I don’t even know how to begin this post…

The last time I typed words into this blog was one day before my birthday, all the way back in April.

Two days later, I ended my four and a half year relationship, and all the words disappeared.

It has taken me close to seven months to actually open up WordPress again, but here I am. About a month ago I dug out my battered original copies of The Paperbook Collective, and started again. I hadn’t actually realised how much I missed it, and how happy it made me feel. My life is now filled with work and events and committees and obligations, but I am determined to make time for The Paperbook Collective once again.

So I have been working hard, and Issue Seven is now officially a zine!


If you had ordered a copy of Issue Seven before I dropped off the face of the earth, please send me an email to I will do my best to get them mailed out to you as soon as possible!

Issue Eight is close to completion, and I hope to have it published in the next week or so. Huge thanks to everyone who submitted work for that zine, and huge thanks for not hassling me or giving up on me. I appreciate it more than I can say.

If you are keen to help get The Paperbook Collective back up and running, feel free to send your work through to me to bulk out Issue Eight or to make a start on Issue Nine.

In case you have forgotten what The Paperbook Collective is all about, (let’s be honest, it’s been a looooong time!) check out the guidelines here.

I have actually relaxed the submission rules quite a lot though, so also click here.

I have plenty of copies of Issues 1-7 ready to be posted out, so if you would like to grab some individual issues, or maybe a gift pack for that literary someone for Christmas, check this out.



I also have some pretty cute Paperbook Christmas cards ready to go. These babies come with matching envelopes and are just $10AUD for a pack of 5 different designs.


I will be throwing myself wholeheartedly into The Paperbook Collective in the next few months, so feel free to drop me a line, submit some work or just say hello.

I hope all of you out there in blog-land are doing well, and have had a better 2014 than I seem to have had.

It’s good to be back.



To my most loyal Paperbook supporters, 

My sincerest apologies for my lack of contact lately. It has been a rough and overwhelming few months, I quite literally have no idea where they have gone. I’m struggling with a lot of things right now, and unfortunately The Paperbook Collective has fallen by the wayside. It was never my intention for this to happen, in fact Issue Eight is basically complete! Life has just gotten in the way.
I have no plans to disband The Paperbook Collective. It is an important part of my life, and I am not ready to give it up just yet. I am slowly getting everything back on track, and hope to have finalised Issue Eight by late next week. I will be including the submissions that I have received for Issue Nine, so hopefully it will be a nice big issue for everyone to enjoy.
I am also working on Zine orders, which should all be shipped out by next Friday. If you have a pending zine order, please send me through a quick email to confirm it. All zines will be coming with complementary gift cards to apologise for the delay.
These last few months have been an important lesson to me in keeping organised. I haven’t been. Everything begun to overwhelm me, and when you are down it is very hard to pull yourself back and regain control. I am slowly managing it.
Thanks you all for your patience, and your kindness at this time. I have not received one email of complain from anyone, which means so much to me right now.
Long live The Paperbook Collective.

Throw away the rules that bind.

It’s Friday afternoon, and I am elbow deep in Issue Eight of The Paperbook Collective. I should probably be nose deep in a glass of wine, but there is none in the house. That I can find anyway…

So I’m feeling a bit crazy, a little bit wild, slightly Mad Hatter-esque. And a thought just struck me.

Let’s throw out the rule book for good.

I had grand intentions when I first begun The Paperbook Collective. I thought it would be released promptly on the 1st of each month, it would include specific types of content, submissions would end on a specific date and it would all be very professional and proper.

But let’s be honest. Professional and proper? That’s not really my style.

So here are the ‘guidelines’ I created at the start of this journey:


  1. All work must be original and unpublished. This means it cannot be found anywhere on the Internet; WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. This is simply because the magazine is going to be original and creative, packed with new and exciting work that has never been seen before.
  2. You will remain the owner of your Intellectual Property, meaning that once the magazine has been published you retain the right to use your work afterwards in any way you see fit. You can publish it elsewhere or create links to the magazine. This may change in future issues but for now your work remains your work.
  3. I retain the right to edit your work in any way, but all edits will be run by you pre-publication for approval. Please note: these edits will not change the structure or meaning of your work in any way. They will simply be a method of ensuring the work is appealing on the page, and fits in with the design of the magazine. All spelling will be in Australian English, apart from obvious words or phrases constructed deliberately by the author.
  4. I will own the copyright of the entire magazine, as well as the title. This will not affect your ownership of your work, it is just a further method of protection. As I’m sure you are aware, there is no fool proof way of protecting your work on the Internet, but rest assured I will do everything I can to make sure the magazine and its contents are distinct and protected.

Ok, so number 2, 3 & 4 all make a lot of sense, and let’s be honest, they are for the contributors benefit as much as mine. But Numero Uno? Let’s get rid of it. I mean, come on. The inspiration for this magazine came from the fact that there was too much creative content on the Internet to keep track of. So what does it matter if you have shared your work before it comes to rest in the pages of The Paperbook Collective? There is practically a zero percent chance that any readers will have managed to find it, and if they have, then there is 30 or so other pages of creative goodness that are brand spanking new to them.

Now you may have seen that a little while ago we stretched the guideline stating that submissions could only be 800 words long. Stuff it. Let’s wipe that bad boy out all together. Send it though, send me anything. Preferably not the first draft of your novel, because I just don’t know how we would fit that in there. But a short segment of your upcoming novel, sure.

Finally, with my hectic schedule, and yours, lets lightly erase those date guidelines. Let’s not erase them altogether, but let’s use them as a loose guideline rather than something set in concrete. So, roughly, submissions are due in by the 20th of each month. And roughly, each issue will come out on the 1st of each month. But let’s not get too bent out of shape about it. Life has too many rules already, doesn’t it. This magazine is all about fun.

As always, I value your thoughts and opinions so do not hesitate to let me know what you think!

Here is a submission form for your convenience:

Submission Form_The Paperbook Collective

Go ahead and send through whatever you like!

And now here is a pretty picture for no reason at all.


 Have a wonderful weekend friends.