The Paperbook Collective Zine

Would you like to own your very own copy of The Paperbook Collective Zine? 


Or perhaps you would like a gift card for your special someone?

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It’s simple!

Make a donation via the Pay Pal button below.

Buy Now Button

You are welcome to donate whatever amount you choose towards The Paperbook Collective.

Donations of any size are warmly appreciated.

Include the shipping cost and complete the form below, and The Paperbook Collective Zine is yours!


Postage and Handling:

Within Australia – AU$2.00

Overseas – AU$6.00

Fill in the order form below:

Please Note:

Proceeds from the sales of The Paperbook Collective Zine cover the cost of maintaining, producing and distributing the magazine.

Please allow a few days processing time between placing your order and the parcel being sent.

Each magazine includes a free Paperbook Collective bookmark.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email at:


Thank you for your support.  



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  2. Done and done–I think I provided the correct amount for both the ‘zine and shipping. Fortunately the exchange isn’t too different between $US and $AUS 🙂

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