I’m totally addicted to books.

I was the geeky girl on the school bus who read non-stop from the second I got on until the bus pulled up at school, despite only living eight kilometres out of town. My book addiction started with The Little Red Caboose, a book my mother read to me so often that I could recite it while turning the pages at the correct time. My parents loved to show off their toddler who refused to walk but could apparently read….nothing much has changed.

My bookshelf is an eclectic collection of second hand books that I have picked up throughout my life. They have been packed and unpacked, stuffed into bags and suitcases as I have moved from home to home. Sadly most of them now live on my office floor as I can’t afford a big enough bookcase….

I love nothing more than indulging in a good book, along with a decent coffee or a cheeky gin and tonic. I am still the geeky girl who reads too much, this addiction has followed me through life. It might very well be fatal.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings about books.

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  1. I’m so pleased you have published one of my all-time-favourite writer’s short stories: Patricia Bell. I can’t wait to read much more of her in the future. Fabulous writing collective idea, and I shall follow it with pleasure. Bravo.

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