Month: May 2015

A Trip to the City

I had to spend two days in the City this week for work, which is always a great way to ‘travel’ while getting paid for it. Perth is a beautiful city, despite the constant roadworks that make getting around by car almost impossible. Luckily for me, I choose to get everywhere by foot, which is a whole lot easier and gave me a chance to really appreciate autumn in the city.   Advertisements

A Brand New Day

The Paperbook Blog is back in action…with a difference. Firstly, it’s had a huge makeover. A renovation, a face lift. There is a bit more of me here than there was before. There is a bit of my life, a bit of my photography, and of course, a lot of my Paperbook Collective. It is quite fitting that I bring the blog back today, as WordPress has just let me know that The Paperbook Blog has been up and running for two years exactly. A lot has changed in my life since then, and I haven’t exactly been the most dedicated blogger unfortunately, but such is life. I will be posting more updates over the next few days, but in the meantime, hello. Hi. I missed you.

A Taste of Cambodia | Part One

I have wanted to get back to Cambodia ever since I spent time there in 2008…an unbelievable seven years ago. Somehow life kept getting in the way, as it tends to do, and I always told myself I would get back there ‘next year’. Well ‘next year’ was finally this year, when I bit the bullet and bought the ticket. Three amazing weeks spent trawling through one of my favourite countries. My first five days were spent in Siem Reap, which has undergone an incredible transformation over the past seven years. Gone is the sleepy little town that I remember. In its place was a sprawling, bustling city; a city that has clearly capitalised on the tourist boon that is the temples of Angkor. Here is a taste of those first five days: Sunrise at Angkor Wat