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On Procrastination


The very first concept plan for The Paperbook Collective, circa June 2013

It feels surreal to be finally putting together the contents page for Issue Eight of The Paperbook Collective, but that is what I am doing this morning.

This issue has sat in pieces for so long that it became the elephant in the computer – that one massive project that I have consistently avoided over the past six months.

But now that I have dived into it again it is coming together as though not a moment has passed. I’m sure there is some lesson on procrastination in there but I will studiously avoid that for now.

There are some incredible pieces of work in Issue Eight. I was distracted for hours last night reading through them all, caught up in each one as I scrolled through the pages.

And each piece is so vastly different, which is exactly what I was aiming for when I begun this crazy project 15 long months ago.

So much has changed in my life in that time but I’m thrilled that The Paperbook Collective is still kicking on!

Issue Eight will be hitting the virtual bookshelf of my blog within the next week or so (no deadlines now, remember?) but if you have a piece that you would like included please feel free to submit it.

This will most likely be the last issue published before Christmas, so it would be great if you were a part of it. If you have already submitted something for this issue (regular contributors, I’m looking at you) that doesn’t mean you can’t submit another. Because, you know, the more the merrier and all that jazz.

Send your work through to with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your preferred pseudonym (or let me know if you’re happy to be published under your own name)
  3. Your country
  4. A link to your blog
  5. A short bio about yourself (in third person) to be included in the Contributors section.

I would absolutely love to see your work, no matter what it is. As long as it is creative (and let’s be honest, what isn’t?) The Paperbook Collective will happily publish it.

It’s amazing how once you stop procrastinating all sorts of good things start to happen. Over the weekend I headed down south so a lovely little market with a good friend who has just begun her own creative venture. We had an amazing day chilling out in the sunshine and meeting the locals, many of whom thanked us for coming down to the markets and one of whom actually said “welcome to Balingup”. I love small country towns.

It was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time.


The Paperbook Collective at the Balingup Markets


Our little stall


I also finally made a sign for The Paperbook Collective. Painstaking, time-consuming…totally worth it.


So anyway, that’s where I’m at. Wrapping up Issue Eight, accepting submissions from you and heading off to my day job. Because something’s gotta pay the bills.

Have a great Tuesday.




  1. Jayde, one of my friends , Abhijit, had sent photos to your email id. I hope you like them to be published. Also, I’m very sorry that I’ve not sent you any write-ups/poems recently, I’ve been going through a rough patch that dried all my creative juices. No plot-bunnies could cross the dreaded BLOCK. I’ll have something for you within the next month, I think.

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