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February Freak Out.

Did anyone see what happened to February?

I quite literally blinked and missed it. The Paperbook Blog feels like an empty hall, long since abandoned. My footsteps are echoing off the walls in here.

Motivation is such a hard thing to keep hold of, isn’t it. It’s slippery like an eel. You think you have a good grasp, you’re churning out blog posts every few days, your stats are looking good when BAM. It slips through your fingers and a month has passed since you last made an appearance on your blog.

It’s not as though I haven’t tried, though. It’s a funny thing, when you lose motivation on here. You begin all these posts, but you’re never quite sure what to say. It’s almost like your voice is gone. My dashboard is crowded with the skeletons of half-begun posts, some no more than a title.

It’s ironic then that amongst this mental chaos I was Freshly Pressed! It was a lovely and unexpected surprise, a little light amongst the darkness here at The Paperbook Blog.

Welcome to all the wonderful people who jumped on board following my debut in the spotlight. You might be forgiven for thinking you have started following a dead blog, but fear not. The Paperbook Blog is far from dead, it’s just a little sick. We will be back on track in no time.

For those of you who have been on board for a while, you may remember my brand name conundrum. I am searching for the name that will incorporate all of my various enterprises under one title. I had some absolutely phenomenal suggestions. In fact, I had so many good ones that I am still struggling to choose between them.

As it stands, the name that feels the most like myself is

Jayde Ashe Creative Collections.

Feedback Please?

I go for a walk each evening, and often I run the names over and over in my head, searching for the one that seems right. Jayde Ashe Creative Collections seemed the least wrong, for what that’s worth. It also brings together a lot of popular suggestions made on my post.

Isn’t this an outstanding quality of blogging on WordPress? It is the perfect forum to bounce ideas off like-minded people. The feedback that I get from comments on this blog is well worth its weight in gold. Despite my current lack of motivation, I shudder to think where I would be without this blog. Still slinging coffees in the café I guess.

What else is new?

My amazing friend Marie Bailey took some time out of her busy schedule to interview me! I was thrilled, flattered and humbled. Check out the interview on her blog. A word of warning though, she uses the word ‘genius’ in the title. This is a blatant misuse of her creative descriptive license.

Finally, I am working hard on Issue Eight of The Paperbook Collective. Issue Eight. Can you believe it? Sadly, my aforementioned uselessness means that I haven’t been promoting it enough, nor have I been encouraging everyone to read Issue Seven.

Go ahead and read it, I am certain that you will enjoy it. And hey, it’s free.


The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014


The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014


I will be finishing the zine versions of Issue Seven this week too, so feel free to order one! It is going to be a big week of focus and dedication to the cause. I promise.

And now, I need your imaginations again!

What should I draw for the cover for Issue Eight? What would you like to see on there? It needs to be something that suggests creativity, tradition and beauty. Usually I sit around all night brainstorming cover designs, but it struck me that a new perspective might be exactly what The Paperbook Collective needs!

Here are some previous designs for inspiration:


What has been your favourite design so far? I’m curious. I always think that I have found my favourite design, then I scroll back over others and decide that I like them instead.

I must apologise for the scrappiness of this post. I was so determined that I would produce a finished post today, no matter what. The end results reads much more like a collection of random musings rather than a post to be proud of, but no matter.

It’s March, and I must Press On.

So we beat on
Boats against the current
Borne back ceaselessly into the past. 

– F. Scott Fitzgerald. 



  1. Great post! Sometimes you just need to get something, doesn’t matter if it’s a bit higgledy piggledy. Jayde Ashe Creative Collections has a nice sound and really it’s whatever you feel comfortable promoting yourself as. I think it sounds quite professional! I like the typewriter design best but that’s probably because I’m a writer 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I needed that encouragement 🙂 Yes I am a fan of the typewriter too, probably because it was my very first design. What do you think I should do for the upcoming Paperbook?

      • I’m a fan of the old-fashioned look, like inkwells, quills, things like that. Maybe an old-fashioned writing desk or something like that? If I can think of anything else I’ll let you know (probably several months too late!) 🙂

      • I was thinking about a writing desk too…I’ll have to get my creative cap on! Thanks Sarah 🙂

  2. I think Jayde Ashe Creative Collections sounds wonderful.
    For the cover, I liked the one with the typewriter best.

    • Thanks Oloriel! I love the typewriter too, it will always have a place in my heart as the very first cover design 🙂 What do you think I should do for the upcoming cover?

  3. Jayde, thanks for the mention and link to our interview. Your post is evidence that I was right to include “genius” in the title 🙂 Congrats on the Freshly Pressed! Very cool, and I love your business title: Jayde Ashe Creative Collections. It rolls off the tongue very nicely 🙂 As far as cover design, I’m also partial to the typewriter, but is that a printing press in the lower right-hand corner?

    • Marie, thank YOU for the interview! I am so proud to be featured on your blog 🙂 Yes, the printing press was on the cover of issue six. It took a looooong time to draw…any suggestions for issue 8?

      • I’m not very good with visuals, but have you thought about a shelf lined with various size books, maybe with a small camera used as a bookend 😉 Or a drawing of a writing corner, or reading corner?

  4. Thanks to Pamela Beckford for reblogging because she brought you to me…or me to you…or something along those lines 😀
    Oh and if my vote counts for anything, I’m digging the typewriter!!!! ❤

  5. Love your Jayde Ashe Creative Collections (and why not). I like the old fashioned bottle of ink and pen or brush. (could be writing, sketching or art.)

  6. The printing press is very nice and harkens to the soul of the magazine. I have always been amazed with each cover. They are inspired and speak to the creativity that’s within.

    • Wow, thanks Princess! What a lovely thing to say 🙂 I do try and tie each one in with the soul of the mag. I am stuck on issue 8 though…any ideas?

      • I think you answered your own question in your post, “It’s March, and I must Press On.” Use the printing press!

  7. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet's Library and commented:
    I’m a bit late with this reblog! The Paperbook Collective is out and ready to be read…This has been an exciting month for Jayde…among other things she’s enjoyed a wonderful bit of publicity! She’s been Freshly Pressed and has been interviewed by Marie Baily…get your copy and sit back for a great read!

  8. Reblogged this on The UnPoet's Poems and commented:
    If you haven’t checked out the Paperbook Blog, you need to hightail it over there. Jayde-Ashe has done a remarkable job with her publication “The Paperbook Collective” since her very first one. I encourage you to go take a gander at the latest issue. And if you feel so led submit one of your writings to be published in her publication!

  9. One thing I have learnt since I started blogging on WP over 2 years back is that it is an understanding, non-judgmental community. One does not need to write killer posts all the time. Most people will go through phases of uncertainty and loss of the proverbial “will to live”.

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