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Interview With Jayde-Ashe Thomas, the Genius Behind The Paperbook Collective

Check out this wonderful interview that my friend and Paperbook contributor Marie Bailey did…with me! I am very humbled to be considered worthy of an interview.

Thanks again Marie!

P.S. I am still accepting contributions to Issue Eight of The Paperbook Collective for the next 48 hours!


Welcome to an interview with Jayde-Ashe Thomas, entrepreneur extraordinaire!  Jayde is the creator of the online literary journal, The Paperbook Collective Zine.  She also blogs at The Paperbook Blog; makes bound paper copies of the zine as well as Paperbook cards, posters, and bookmarks; sells her photography at a pop-up shop; and recently started a book exchange in her city of Bunbury, Australia.

[Excuse me while I take a few minutes to catch my breath.  Just listing all that Jayde does leaves me a bit winded :)]


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  1. It’s only a shame that you have unreliables like me around, Jayde … I have another talk to give on Friday; and after that I shall PUT MY NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE. Sighh … Sorry, darlin.

    • M.R., no one is more unreliable than myself at the moment! You just keep on with all your projects, I am certain that I will see you in TPC this year sometime 🙂 And good luck!

    • Thanks Kathryn! What a lovely thing to say. I feel very much the opposite at the moment, just plugging on 🙂

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