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I Need Your Imaginations!

Calling all of the creative spirits out there…I need your help!

The time has come for me to get serious about my various enterprises, and combine them together beneath one business name.

Obviously this name has to represent what I am about, as well as incorporate my separate ventures.

I am having a lot of difficulty settling on the final word for my business name, which is where all of you come in!

I need you to help me come up with the perfect name.

Beneath the business name will be my various projects:

Β Β publications

Obviously this incorporates The Paperbook Collective, as well as any future writing I do (fingers crossed!)


The last six months have been very exciting in regards to my photography, as I am slowly starting to market it to the public through various events as well as through my little shop.


Jayde Ashe designs at this stage refers to the handmade Paperbook cards, posters, bookmarks etc. that I make. This is another project that I hope will continue to expand as The Paperbook Collective grows.


So there you have it. The three elements of my grass-roots business, all of which need to come under one snappy, descriptive title.

Obviously the business name will begin: Jayde Ashe……………………..

but this is where I run into trouble.

Jayde Ashe Creations?

Jayde Ashe Innovations?

Jayde Ashe Ideas?

Jayde Ashe Conceptions?

Jayde Ashe Inspirations?

A you can see, I am really stuck!

So I figured that rather than struggling away alone with the help of my thesaurus, I would turn to the people who have been the biggest influence on me this past year: all of you.

Will you help me brainstorm business names?

I will be forever grateful!



  1. Personally “Publications” can be the umbrella to all of your ventures. But if you are looking for another umbrella name, my favorite is “Creations”.

  2. pulpfictionme says

    It’s not up there but I like Jayde Ashe Creative. I know adding to the list doesn’t help lol

    • No adding is fine! I actually really like Jayde Ashe Creative too, but a friend of mine who is a photographer has a very similar name! I was worried she would think I was copying her!

      • pulpfictionme says

        you could keep adding and say “Jayde Ashe Creative Solutions – Providing creative expertise on publishing, photography, and designs.”

  3. pulpfictionme says

    You can also add to the name such as “Jayde Ashe Design and Publication” or “Jayde Ashe Creative and Publication.”

  4. These are all excellent suggestions everyone, thank you so much! I knew there was a reason I decided to ask for your help πŸ™‚

  5. kingmidget says

    How about rather than Jayde Ashe Creations … Jayde Ashe Creative. Oh, look, I just realized pulpfictionme had the same suggestion.

  6. Well, I tend to like Innovations, but that risks being a bit blasΓ¨, a classical sound but…so maybe we can go outside the grammatically correct and hit on something like – J.A. Innovationals! I also liked the suggestion above of : Just Jayde Ashe…I’ll ponder on it a bit…

      • Yep…I don’t I know it..had the problem finding a name for Pixelventures in the end though it came form a family brainstorming πŸ˜‰

  7. “Genuine Jayde.” The work is original and it reflects who you are, it is genuine. It’s a working title, lol. Hope it gives you some inspiration. πŸ˜‰ You’ve done so many great things, you deserve all of the success coming your way!

    • That’s very cool too John! It would be a fantastic name if/when I end up with my own little shop – again crossing those fingers!

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