Day: February 5, 2014

The Paperbook Collective | Issue Seven

Hello everyone. As you might have noticed, I have been appallingly absent from the WordPress halls. You might have also noticed that it is February 5th today. And I am four days late in publishing Issue Seven of The Paperbook Collective. Here is the apology part of the post: I am very sorry! And the thank you: You guys are all awesome for waiting so patiently! I won’t bore you with the who’s and the why’s and the when’s; rather I will get straight into the good stuff. Issue Seven has arrived! Here it is, in all its February glory. As always, I think the quality of work sent in is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this issue together, despite the delays. I do hope you enjoy reading it. PDF – ┬áThe Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014 ISSUU – The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014 Cheers, and happy February everyone! Advertisements