Month: February 2014

Interview With Jayde-Ashe Thomas, the Genius Behind The Paperbook Collective

Originally posted on 1WriteWay:
Welcome to an interview with Jayde-Ashe Thomas, entrepreneur extraordinaire!  Jayde is the creator of the online literary journal, The Paperbook Collective Zine.  She also blogs at The Paperbook Blog; makes bound paper copies of the zine as well as Paperbook cards, posters, and bookmarks; sells her photography at a pop-up shop; and recently started a book exchange in her city of Bunbury, Australia. [Excuse me while I take a few minutes to catch my breath.  Just listing all that Jayde does leaves me a bit winded :)] *** M:  Jayde, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview and for spiriting yourself here all the way from Bunbury.  You must be famished.  What would be your pleasure?  Coffee, tea?  Something stronger? JAT: Thanks very much for having me Marie! It is an honour to be here. As you know gin and tonic is my tipple, but as it is only 10am over here in Western Australia perhaps I should stick to coffee for now. M:  Coming right up.  Just have…

I Need Your Imaginations!

Calling all of the creative spirits out there…I need your help! The time has come for me to get serious about my various enterprises, and combine them together beneath one business name. Obviously this name has to represent what I am about, as well as incorporate my separate ventures. I am having a lot of difficulty settling on the final word for my business name, which is where all of you come in! I need you to help me come up with the perfect name. Beneath the business name will be my various projects:    Obviously this incorporates The Paperbook Collective, as well as any future writing I do (fingers crossed!) The last six months have been very exciting in regards to my photography, as I am slowly starting to market it to the public through various events as well as through my little shop. Jayde Ashe designs at this stage refers to the handmade Paperbook cards, posters, bookmarks etc. that I make. This is another project that I hope will continue to expand as …

A Bookstore and a Dream.

Some of you may remember my list of ‘resolutions’ for 2014, typed in a fit of energy and self-righteousness several weeks ago. Some of them have been a complete and utter failure…Let’s be honest, I haven’t read a single book from my Christmas tree. I am still determined to delve into my Encyclopaedias, but it may have to wait for a time this year when I don’t have quite so much going on. Riiiight…. Getting The Paperbook Collective printed in colour and finding advertising are still very possible, but they are a slow burn project that probably won’t take off until later this year. However, I am very happy, no, completely ecstatic to announce that resolution number five is well and truly underway! Believe it or not, I have managed to start a Book Exchange in my city! I wrote about the tragic closure of two of our bookstores in Issue Six of The Paperbook Collective. In a city of roughly 68 000 people we were left with a total of one bookstore, and no …

The Paperbook Collective | Issue Seven

Hello everyone. As you might have noticed, I have been appallingly absent from the WordPress halls. You might have also noticed that it is February 5th today. And I am four days late in publishing Issue Seven of The Paperbook Collective. Here is the apology part of the post: I am very sorry! And the thank you: You guys are all awesome for waiting so patiently! I won’t bore you with the who’s and the why’s and the when’s; rather I will get straight into the good stuff. Issue Seven has arrived! Here it is, in all its February glory. As always, I think the quality of work sent in is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this issue together, despite the delays. I do hope you enjoy reading it. PDF –  The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014 ISSUU – The Paperbook Collective Issue Seven 2014 Cheers, and happy February everyone!