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Year-End Post Special: Twenty Things We Learned Blogging This Year

I was very excited when the lovely Wayfarer of A Holistic Journey asked me to be involved in a reflective end of year post for 2013. The Wayfarer and I entered the WordPress world at a similar time at the start of this year, and have trodden different yet interesting paths to end up where we are now in terms of our blogging.
So here are our musings on what the blogosphere has meant to us in 2013, as well as some wonderful insights from The Talking Violin and The Eye-Dancers, two very worthy blogs worth checking out.
I hope you enjoy the post, and thanks once again to the Wayfarer for having me on board!


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, J. I was delighted for the signature humor. Your first, third, fourth points were some of my fav – esp in the way you put them. This elaboration isn’t for you to change anything: I came on WP in March and backdated my Feb thoughts. Yes, it’s very cool how we blogged in tandem and tail-spinned out our own happy way.

    Always cheerleading you on, though you are one blogger who doesn’t need it.
    Affections and respect,

    • Thanks so much Diana! And the same to you, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts about blogging this year. I was wondering about our entry points, I often get mixed up and think I started blogging in March, when in reality I begun in May! Whoops. So you have a few months on me 🙂 All the best with A Holistic Journey for 2014, although your success this year is a pretty clear indication of your successes to come.
      Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

      • Oh, okay. I just went by your report on March and the less than 100 in May. =) Whatever. People are thoroughly enjoying our post LOL.


  2. Hi Jayde, I’d like to thank you one more time for letting me record one of your thoughts, and I hope we can do it again sometime in the future. I’m very happy Diana invited me to be part of this post because it gave me the opportunity to get to know your blog and a little bit of you. Happy New Year!

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