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A Paperbook Update.

Good morning, afternoon, evening or good night!

Salutations, wherever you are in the world. It’s been a more hectic week than usual, as you might have gathered from my weekend post. So it’s high time I caught my breath and updated everyone on The Paperbook Collective.

The Culture Issue.

Firstly, I want to say an enormous

thankyouto everyone who shared, liked, reblogged, or read Issue Five of The Paperbook Collective. It had a record number of reblogs, which was absolutely thrilling. It is a lovely feeling to have people spreading the word about this little venture, it makes all the hard work more than worth while.

Just on the off chance that you missed Issue Five, here are the links for you.


The Paperbook Collective Issue Five 2013


The Paperbook Collective Issue Five 2013

It was a wonderful issue in which contributors shared a little piece of their culture. I absolutely loved reading it and I know you will too.

Issue Six.

Submissions are open for Issue Six until the 27th of December. Due to Christmas, New Years and all that craziness, I won’t be publishing Issue Six until the 7th of January, hence the extended submission deadline. Because I am super awesome I will be pretty lenient on this one and accept submissions up until New Years Eve. So, ok, you can submit until New Years Eve. Forget everything I said before.

I have already had some awesome submissions come through to my email. Thank you so much to the early birds, you have kept me motivated! There is no theme for this issue, so feel free to submit anything and everything under the sun. Go crazy.


Because it has been such a fabulous year, I wanted to end it by giving away some Paperbook produce to one of my incredible followers. I have this pack of seven hand-made Paperbook gift cards which I am just itching to send someone. It includes:

  • Issue 1, 2, 3 & 4 cover design with quote
  • A brand new ‘thank you you’re awesome’ card
  • An ‘I Love You’ card.


I actually love these cards and I don’t have any more, but I also want to share the love with you as well. There is a bit of a catch though. The Paperbook Collective Facebook Page is currently sitting on 303 likes. I am feeling ambitious and I want to get it to 400 likes by Christmas (or New Years, I’m not fussy). 

So what I am asking you to do, lovely followers, is simple.

  1. Head on over to the Facebook page and click the ol’ like button.
  2. Then share the page with your friends and family so they like it too.

Easy, right? The 400th like on the Facebook page will be sent this cute pack of gift-cards. But what about me? I hear you ask. Well, if it is your family or friend who is the 400th like, I will make another set of cards and send it to you! So even if you have liked the Facebook page right from the start, you have an equal chance at winning yourself a pack of Paperbook gift-cards.


While you’re over there in Facebook land, feel free to check out my brand new Facebook page of photography. I won’t delve too far into that here as I don’t want to lose you, but pop over and check it out.

Paperbook ‘zine.

I am still hard at work making copies of The Paperbook Collective for orders! I have three shipping out tomorrow, to some lovely contributors who purchased Issue 4. Issue 5 is currently in the works, but at this stage I don’t think it will be ready until January, simply because I have a little too much on my plate.

I had a local order yesterday for two Paperbook gift-packs, which includes Issue 1, 2, 3 & 4. I got really excited and wrapped them for Christmas. Have I told you yet how much I love Christmas?

Here’s how much:


If that doesn’t get you in the spirit nothing will!


I hope you managed to catch my latest review of Thomas Steinbeck’s new novella, Dr. Greenlaw and the Zulu Princess. I finished reading it and published the review yesterday – a great little read for this time of year.

Thom Steinbeck is very kindly allowing me to interview him as well, which I am insanely excited about. I was just finishing up my questions for him when it occurred to me that it is all of you who will be reading the interview, so perhaps there is a question or two in particular that you would like me to ask? Is there something you have always wanted to know about Steinbeck, his life and his writing? If so, pop your question in the comments below and I may just pass it on for you!

Well that is about all from me this Hump Day. I hope you have the Christmas carols playing, the bells a-ringing, the eggs a-nogging and all that Christmassy jazz. Once again, a huge thank you to each and every single person who has been involved in The Paperbook Collective this year. It has been an incredible adventure for all of us.

No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.

  Lewis Carroll. 


  1. To stay in theme with Alice: I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! Lovely read and a cool idea.

  2. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    Lots of exciting news from The Paperbook Collective. Read on and learn how you could “win” a special collection of Paperbook cards by Liking The Paperbook Collective’s FB page. Go on, you know you want these!

  3. thank you for all your hard work! hope you get a restful Christmas! am offline as of today so will plan to submit more work for one of your themes in the new year…

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