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Spotlight On…John W. Howell.

It’s always lovely to see new faces in the contributors each month here at The Paperbook Collective, I am thrilled every time a new person gets on board!

But what I also love is the familiar faces who continue to submit their work on a regular basis. We always seem to end up with 50% regular contributors and 50% new contributors, which I think is the perfect balance.


One of our very special regular contributors is none other than John W. Howell, who has contributed to almost every issue so far. His latest piece,

The Story, 

was published in Issue Four. 


John W Howell

To read the rest of John’s story, check out Issue Four.

PDF ~ 

The Paperbook Collective Issue Four 2013


The Paperbook Collective Issue Four 2013


Five minutes with John ~ 

          1. What is your creative outlet, and how did you first get into it?  

I have a couple of outlets. The first (besides Writing fiction) is poetry. I have just begun to take a serious approach to the different poetry styles. I have spent an inordinate amount of time learning how to construct a proper Haiku.  I have put a few on my blog and so far I have not been booed off the stage so to speak. I have written a number of free form poems, but am not sure they  will see the light of day. I got into studying poetry as a result of someone telling me my poems don’t rhyme. I knew I had to find out if what I was doing was okay. The second is my 1978 Toyota FJ 40 Land Cruiser. I am restoring her to former glory. The reason I call this a creative outlet is I am doing all the work myself and I have no prior experience. I just finished putting in new U-Joints in the propeller shafts. Before this I had no idea what a U-Joint or propeller shaft was. My experience has included: New clutch cylinder, all lights, horn, radio and started motor. I got into this restore originally as a way to stay out from underfoot when I retired. I wish I had more time to work on the restore, but I definitely am out from underfoot.

          2. What is your favourite book? 

My favourite book is by my favourite author Kurt Vonnegut. The book is titled “Jailbird” and tells the story of a Watergate conspirator who is sent to prison and eventually becomes head of the Largest corporation in America. The reason this is my favourite is it has humour and a touch of historical realism as a backdrop to the story. Most of Vonnegut’s books are constructed the same way. I also like the alter ego Kilgore Trout who is a fictional novelist who has sold over 400 books. This same character reoccurs in Vonnegut’s work. (I guess I want to be like Kilgore).

          3. What is your idea of a perfect afternoon?

A perfect afternoon is sitting on the veranda after a full day of writing, sipping on a Margarita and trying to explain to my wife what I did all day.

          4. What is your dream job, or are you lucky enough to be doing it already?

I used to think my dream job would be running a corporation. I have changed my opinion after getting my dream job to that of full time writer. This is what I do now. Writing everyday has always been my dream. I just did not know it.

          5. What is one piece of advice that you would like to share with the world? 

The one piece of advice I would give is; no matter what you set as a goal, continue to measure yourself on progress and not necessarily on the goal itself. If you measure your efforts to achieve the goal continually, you will never give up until the goal is reached. The other point is; by keeping track of progress, even if you fail to achieve the goal, you will have a record of all the successes you had in trying.


To find out some more about John, and to check out his writing, visit his blog ~

Fiction Favorites.


If you are a Paperbook contributor, and would like a spotlight on The Paperbook Blog, email me your answers to the questions above and the spotlight will be yours!

Send your answers through to:

Don’t forget to keep working on your pieces for Issue Five, The Culture Issue, and keep an eye tomorrow for my post about the zine fair!




  1. Reblogged this on Fiction Favorites and commented:
    I am very grateful for the spotlight given on the Paper Book Blog by Jayde-Ashe the editor of The Paper Book Collective. If you would also like to contribute to the magazine, click on the submission page of issue four

  2. Nicely done, Jayde and John! You have some true words of wisdom, John: “no matter what you set as a goal, continue to measure yourself on progress and not necessarily on the goal itself.”

  3. Congrats, John! I hope that Land Cruiser doesn’t get the better of you…

    I always liked “Jailbird” a lot too. KV never fails to hit all the right buttons.

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