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A Scent of Promise.

It’s been quite a week.

I am still recovering from the chaotic mess that was September, but October has bought with it a scent of Spring and a scent of promise. Despite the fact that I am still madly trying to catch up on all the work I missed in September, I am certainly feeling encouraged by a number of things that have happened this week.

Firstly, a lovely milestone in my blogging career occurred this morning, and I was awake to witness it. I am very pleased to announce that the lovely lady who blogs over at Destino has become the 1000th follower of The Paperbook Blog!

Her tag line is Hugging and pillow fights. Monkeys optional. So I think we can all agree that it is a blog worth checking out.

I’m sorry for trotting out all the old blogging clichés again, please bear with me. But I honestly never believed when I started this blog back in May that anything would come of it. To be completely honest, I am hopeless at sticking with anything, particularly when I don’t absolutely HAVE to do it. I expected this blog to trickle off into the lost archives of the Internet somewhere around mid-April. So to be still blogging as I approach my six month anniversary, and to have just gained 1000 followers, is a huge milestone for me.


Honestly, I think the reason I have stuck with this and progressed as I have is directly down to you. Yes, you. Every single one of you who bothers to read what I have to say, and who takes the time to comment. Feedback is the most encouraging thing that any person can receive, and it is certainly what keeps the momentum going.

The second encouraging thing to happen to me this week is that I was chosen as a recipient for the Next Big Thing Award Scheme, created by The Little Print Shop in Perth, W.A. as a way of supporting and encouraging young people with creative dreams.


They have very kindly printed me up free The Paperbook Collective business cards, which I can’t wait to get my hands on! They will also be promoting myself and the magazine on their Facebook page next week. If you don’t already like The Paperbook Collective on Facebook, pop over there now to check it out. Furthermore, they will be releasing a book at the end of the year, featuring all the winners of the award. Can’t wait to get my hands on THAT.

To say I was thrilled to receive this award is probably the understatement of the year, if not the century. Support such as this can quite honestly change the lives of people like me, so if you are struggling to make your way, like I am, always keep your eyes peeled for any and every opportunity that comes your way. And if you are an established, successful business, (congrats!), never underestimate how much someone will appreciate a helping hand such as this. I have now pledged undying loyalty to The Little Print Shop, and am in fact planning on having the cover pages of The Paperbook Collective Zine printed there. (When I can afford it.)

The third and perhaps most mind-blowingly encouraging thing I can’t quite share with you yet. Let’s just say I walked around in an excited daze yesterday after receiving a particular email. Unfortunately it came through quite early in the morning, which kind of put paid to any university work I had planned to do yesterday. But trust me, when you receive an email such as this, you just don’t care.

I’m sorry to leave you with that little teaser, but I am waiting for a confirmation email before I share this very exciting news.

Down to business.

I am still desperately seeking work for Issue Four of The Paperbook Collective. Photography, artwork, poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing, I need it all. Get your creative caps on Paperbook people, and be a part of The Paperbook Collective! You never know who might see your work published in this magazine, so it is worth getting involved. Trust me. I know from experience. 

And that’s all from me on this lovely Thursday morning.

I am now going to leave you with some inspiring and relevant words from my homeboy.

John Steinbeck




  1. holley4734 says

    Thanks for the mention!Congratulations on the award!! Wonderful news! 🙂 And can I use more exclamations points!!!? lol

  2. Nice cliffhanger! Working on a review for you as I type. So technically- procrastinating on a review for you. But you shall have it by Friday!

  3. Congrats Jayde… You are my favorite young blogger. Quite impressive. And yes, it wasn’t nice of you to leave us hanging. 🙂 –Curt

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