The Paperbook Collective
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It Could Be Yours!

The Paperbook Collective, that is.

I have, with much cursing, deleting and editing, set up a page for you to purchase your very own copy of The Paperbook Collective.

Find it above: The Paperbook Collective Zine


It would be fantastic if you could give me some feedback on this page, whether it makes sense, whether it is easy to follow, whether it actually works! I can’t check whether the PayPal button is working as I cannot pay myself, so if you could let me know, it would be hugely appreciated.

I have had to set it up as a donations payment, which allows you to enter an open amount. Sadly, WordPress doesn’t allow us to use a button which has different payment amounts, so this was the best I could do. I do hope it is easy to follow!

On the order form, state which Issue(s) you would like, and how many copies.

Eg. Issue Two x 1 copy.

Simple, right?

I also wanted to add that all proceeds made from selling these copies of The Paperbook Collective go straight back into the magazine. The cost of making each one is reasonably high, and any leftover proceeds will be used for distributing the magazine at events, Zine Fairs, etc.  The reception that I got to the magazine at the Zine Fair yesterday was really positive, so I am now more determined than ever to promote our collective work and get it out in the world in a physical format!

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the zine please feel free to email me at

As always, thanks for your amazing ongoing support everyone!




  1. Reblogged this on thebookboozer and commented:
    I just ordered my copies of The Paperbook Collective Zine! Jayde has been working her but off hand crafting every issue by hand, and they are beautiful. Go order your copies now, your coffee table will thank you later 🙂

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