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A quick update to The Paperbook Collective Zine scenario.

I have sent an email to all contributors outlining the specifics of The Paperbook Collective Zine, and asking for confirmation of whether you would like your work published in the Zine.

If you have not received this email, please let me know!

Contributors, if you do not wish for your work to be included in the zine version of The Paperbook Collective (issues one and two) please let me know via email and I will ensure it is removed.

My intention with the zine is for it to become another field through which your work is promoted. However, it was quite correctly suggested to me that some contributors may not wish for their work to be distributed in this way, particularly since this is a new idea that wasn’t part of the original concept.

As stated previously, you still retain the copyright of your work, and as such you retain the right to decide whether or not you would like it in The Paperbook Collective zine.

If you do not wish for it to be in the zine, that’s completely fine! It will stay in the free online version of the magazine.

Feel free to email me at jayde.ashe@hotmail.com if you have any queries or concerns.

Apologies for the brevity of this post, however I am writing it on my phone! A new and not entirely enjoyable experience for me, but made necessary by my lack of Internet.

Cheers, Jayde.


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