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Where It’s At.

The Internet.

It’s a strange phenomenon, isn’t it. I have never really considered just how reliant upon it I am, until it’s gone.

It’s almost embarrassing to realise just how much not having the Internet affects me.

From the simplest everyday task such as checking the weather; to the more vital facts of life such as passing my university degree or publishing my magazine, I am lost without The Net.

I mean, seriously, all I can do on my phone now is take pictures, send messages and make calls. Oh, the humanity.


Why have you forsaken me? 

As I mentioned in my frantic post yesterday, In Which I Rant, it appears that we will not be connected to the Internet for at least two weeks. I won’t go into details about my level of frustration, suffice to say that it appears I have a far more extensive curse word vocabulary than I would have initially imagined.

So, I am using the Internet wherever it becomes available, which isn’t very many places. You will have to forgive my absence from your blogs, I will try and visit today but it is impossible to get to everyone.


On that note, a reminder that the October Issue of The Paperbook Collective is now going to be released on the:

7th of October, 2013. 

So I will continue to take submissions for it until the:

27th of September, 2013. 

You guys have a whole extra week to get your submissions in for this issue, aren’t you lucky!

Email them through to me at:

There is still plenty of room in this issue, all I need is your work! Poetry, prose, photography, artwork…I need it all.

Submission Form_The Paperbook Collective

I’m also looking for Letters to the Editor this month, so be sure to send one in. Let us know whose work you loved in the first two issues. Tell us about a creative project you’re working on. Give me your suggestions for future issues: themes, structuring, competitions, anything!


I am throwing myself on your mercy now, WordPress community. As I am unconnected (sob, sob) I need all the help I can get this month to keep this creative magazine up and running. Let your friends, family and followers know all about it. Finish up, polish off and send in that piece you’re working on.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

I Need You.



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    • Actually I write everything (except blog posts) in longhand, and take all my uni notes in longhand! It’s getting them online that’s driving me insane at the moment 🙂

  2. Traveling up the Alaska Highway this summer, I planned my trip to end up at places with Wi-Fi in the evening. Wonder how many adventures I missed? We are ever so addicted. –Curt

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