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Dear Editor…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the most awesome thing about having this blog is the creative people I meet through it.

This blog, and The Paperbook Collective, are influenced daily by you guys, the people who read it and take the time to write to me.

Every time someone writes a comment letting me know that they, too are a paperbook geek, I feel like I have made a new friend.

Several people email me through links related to reading, writing and paper-books, and I always love to receive them. I also put them up on the Facebook page, so the links you find can be shared with like minded creative people. Feel free to send anything through any time to my email, I do try to check it daily! To see the latest paperbook pictures and links click on the Facebook icon below.


Last month, I was inspired by the lovely Princess del Oso to do the Behind the Screen challenge.

proncessBehind the Screen.

Keep an eye out for this month’s challenge coming up soon!

Last night, I was emailed by another contributor, Lavanya, with an incredible suggestion. She suggested to me that I include a Letters to the Editor section in The Paperbook Collective.

What an awesome idea! I thought. Why didn’t I think of that?? Luckily, I have you guys around to inspire me.


So, people, it’s time to get writing. This is a great opportunity to speak out on which articles you loved in last months issue, and praise the creative minds behind it. Lavanya pointed out, very correctly, that it is difficult to visit each person’s blog and leave some feedback for them on their work published in The Paperbook Collective. This way, you can type it up and send it through to me, and in doing so tell the world how awesome you thought a particular poem, prose, photograph or piece of artwork was.

You can also write in with your opinion on the magazine as a whole, constructive suggestions on how to improve it, details of your own creative work or even simply your thoughts on the paper-book way of life.

Try and keep all letters around the 50 word mark, can be a little under or over but this way I will be able to fit more in.

As is standard in a magazine or newspaper, I will select a Letter of the Week for each issue. I don’t have any little prizes to send you yet, but I’m working on a few things so stay tuned!


Please don’t send anything abusive or offensive through to me (not that I imagine anyone would). You are very welcome to provide constructive criticism on the magazine, and I will absolutely take it on board.

Please also bear in mind that something you dislike about the magazine could be the very thing that someone else loves about it. The Paperbook Collective has an extremely varied audience from around the globe, and I can tell you from the emails I receive that each and every article receives positive feedback from someone!

So get writing, friends. Let me know what you think about the magazine. Let the contributors know what you think about their amazing work.

Deadlines for letters for this month’s issue will be the 20th September, the same deadline for submissions.

10 DAYS TO GO!! 

Keep those submissions rolling in, Issue Three is looking better and better each day.

Here are the links for Issue Two if you would like to read back over them and decide whose amazing work you would like to praise in your Letter to the Editor.


The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013


The Paperbook Collective Issue Two 2013

You are very welcome to write in about something that was published in Issue One as well. Find those links above in the Back Issues page.

Keep writing, keep photographing, keep creating my friends.

The Paperbook Collective needs you.


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