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Paperbook Land.

I’ve spent all morning desperately trying to catch up on university work, (yes, it is the end of week two and I’m just starting), and I have spent the past hour trying to write my review of Brave New World.

But clearly, my brain is fried, because I can’t seem to be able to string a coherent sentence together. So I have filed that one under ‘Drafts to be Finished at Some Unspecified Time in the Future’, and I have decided to write a little update post instead. 

So here is what’s going on in Paperbook Land this week. 

Guest Posting. 

I am still seeking people for guest post contributions for The Paperbook Blog! 

Basically, I am seeking book reviews, posts about your favourite author, posts about your favourite second hand book store, posts about your preference for books over e-readers, your book shelves, even a post about what books are on your night stand. Anything book-related, basically. 

The (flexible) guidelines are that the book for review should be published by Penguin (you know how I love my Penguins). 

Posts should be around 800 words or less, and should contain a few pictures if possible. 

For more information, pop up to the page Guest Posts above. You will find the submission form there. 

The Paperbook Collective. 

As you know, the September Issue of The Paperbook Collective is hot off the virtual press. If you haven’t had time to have a look, or if you have only recently jumped on board The Paperbook Blog, here are the links for you. Have a quick squiz through the ISSUU version or download the PDF to peruse at leisure when you have the time. 


The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013



The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013

Submissions are currently open for Issue Three, so if you have some new poetry, prose, photography or artwork that you think would look good in there, email it through to me! 

For more information, and to download the submission form, pop up to the page The Paperbook Collective above. 


If you haven’t already, pop over and like The Paperbook Collective Facebook page. I post pictures and links to all things paperbooky, as well as quick links to blog posts and all that jazz. 

Click on the logo below to jump over to the Facebook page. 



What’s on my bedside table. 

As many of you know, I am in the process of moving house. This means I have been sorting through my ever-expanding collection of books, and I have swept the dust off a few that I haven’t picked up in a while. I am currently speed-reading through what is arguably one of my favourite books of all time, Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram. I absolutely adore it, despite the controversy that too often surrounds it. It actually contains one of my favourite quotes of all time. I’ll let you know what that is when I review it. 


Also on my list of books to re-read is The Deptford Trilogy, by Robertson Davies. This book was given to me for Christmas many years ago by a Canadian friend of mine. It is his favourite book, and I trust his judgement unquestionably because he also gave me Life of Pi. The Deptford Trilogy is yet to be immortalised in film (to my knowledge) but it is a fabulous book nonetheless.

I’m also planning on re-reading The Potato Factory, by Bryce Courtenay. As you may know, Bryce Courtenay is one of my homeboys, and this book is absolutely fascinating. Courtenay wrote all of his fictional novels with such attention to historical fact that as I read this book for the first time, I found myself constantly pausing to Google snippets of it, astonished at how accurate his fictional writing was. 

That’s the best part about going through your books, isn’t it. I’ve read Shantaram over twenty times (I’m not kidding) but I haven’t read it for well over a year. I haven’t read The Potato Factory for about two years, and I haven’t read The Deptford Trilogy for at least five. Re-reading them is like catching up with old friends; they look the same and sound the same but I’m constantly surprised by the things about them that I had never noticed before. 

Mother Nature isn’t so bad. 

On a final note, I thought I would share something nice about Mother Nature. I know I was quite critical of her in my last post, (all right, I called her a bitch), but as Curt Mekemson reminded me in the comments, ‘Mother Nature is not a bitch, she is only Mother Nature being Mother Nature’.

Curt, you’re absolutely right, and today Mother Nature was just being herself again.

Look what happened. 

Pure magic. 

IMG_5427IMG_5426 IMG_5428

Mother Nature, you’re officially off the hook. 


  1. “Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram. I absolutely adore it, despite the controversy that too often surrounds it. It actually contains one of my favourite quotes of all time.”

    I’m a quarter of the way through this book at the moment. There are so many brilliant quotes to choose from. I’ve started writing down the page numbers on my bookmark so I can refer back to them. My fave is on page 124, end of chapter 5, the last two paragraphs where he talks about the soul.

    Wonderful book.

    I came here via “theminstrelscitadel”.

    Nice blog.

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