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The Paperbook Collective | Issue Two

Here it is everyone, better late than…whatever!

Despite the world’s best efforts (see my last post) Issue Two of The Paperbook Collective is now live.

There was far less stress, far less swearing and far less panic in the publication of this issue, although that could be because I’ve been drinking wine all day. Or perhaps I’ve grown up in this past month. Who can say.

So here it is for your enjoyment, in all its paperbook glory. I enjoyed reading the work that was submitted this month, and I really hope you do too. As usual there are two options for you to choose from, a downloadable PDF version or an online magazine version.


The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013


The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013

Today, as I mentioned, is the first day of Spring in Australia. So no matter where you are in the world, despite the fact that many of you are heading into Autumn, I want you to pour yourself your Spring drink of choice and curl up (as best you can) with this new edition of The Paperbook Collective. Here is a picture of a gin and tonic to get you in the right mood.


Happy September 1st everyone.






  1. Reblogged this on One Starving Activist and commented:
    Okay, so Jayde-Ashe has done a fabulous job of putting the Paperbook Collective together. I say that not only because one of my weird little pieces is in it (*cough* page 17 *cough*) but because she has poured her heart into it as have the other writers and artists who contributed. This is just the second issue–get in on the ground floor because this is going to just get bigger.

  2. Jayde…can we connect via email on the Collective? I have a question for you. When you get a spare second, please email me at starvingactivist[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the magazine, and that you will submit something for issue three πŸ™‚

      • I have actually been productive – and have a little something – it needs refining, but I feel that it has some worth. I see my work as a bit juvenile – I wish I could make it artistic in some way (the dancer in me I suppose and lover of classical lit), but no matter how hard i try it comes out like it does. I guess this is just the way my heart and brain rolls….

  3. Jayde this looks absolutely fabulous!! You out did yourself! Thank you for giving artists a place to showcase their work πŸ™‚

  4. Reblogged this on finding kirsten and commented:
    Jayde out did herself with the second issue of The Paperbook Collective! Please consider submitting some of your own work for her next issue. And now for a bit of self-promotion: check out page 7 & 32 for my submissions in the current issue.

  5. Reblogged this on My Pen, My Sword and commented:
    Make sure to check out the second issue of The Paperbook Collective! I think you will find some familiar writers…myself included (pages 7 & 32). I encourage all you writers to submit some of your work to this wonderful magazine!

  6. Reblogged this on thebookboozer and commented:
    Issue #2 of The Paperbook Collective is here! Want to know what I thought about “Conjured” by Sarah Beth Durst? Check it out! While your in there check out all of the other amazing contributors and their work. If you like it, be sure to check out the contributors section at the end of the magazine for links to follow them! Also, be sure to go follow Jayde’s blog as well, she puts in so much work for this magazine every month and it continues to kick ass!

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  9. Jayde, one again, through your herculean efforts, you have produced an amazing publication. Thanks for including my poem! I hesitate to make a couple of observations (lest they spoil the “afterglow”), but in my poem “Disk Flight,” you accidentally replaced the American-English word “center” with the British-English word “centre.” This would lead readers to think that I am a British (or Commonwealth) author. Also, the “b” and the “h” in the font you used look nearly identical, making the poem less accessible (i.e., harder to read). A font should never get in the way of readability.

    • Hi John,
      I will address your concerns via email, but just wanted to confirm that I did mention prior to issue one that all spelling within the magazine will be in Australian English πŸ™‚ anyway I’ll write a quick email to you today to clarify this. Thanks for commenting!

      • Jayde–I have already responded to your very thoughtful e-mail, but I do (now) remember reading your guidelines, so I want to apologize here for making an issue about the spelling.

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