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The Paperbook Blog Needs You!!

That’s right folks, The Paperbook Blog is seeking guest posters to share with us your favourite books, authors, book stores and all else booky.

Do you love to read? Do you love to write? Do you love to write about reading or read about writing?

Then this could be the guest post for you!

I would like all posts to revolve around Penguin books, (or Penguin published authors, or even your local book store that sells these little gems!), bringing the reviews back to where I started from. They can be Penguins of any genre, but preferably Penguin Classics, simply because they are my absolute favourite. There are hundreds of these guys to choose from, and the beauty is, they’re only $10 each! Make friends with a Penguin, you’ll be glad you did.



  • 800 words (approx)
  • Must be a paper book (no e-readers sorry!)
  • Must not reveal the ending of the book.
  • Must include photos of the book, ie. the cover, quotes inside, blurb, whatever.
  • Posts on authors should include photos if possible.

Example of a book review: Beaucoup bad shit, too beaucoup.


Example of an author bio: The Controversial Enid Blyton.


All guest posts will include your name and a link back to your blog.

I’m not sure how often I will publish guest posts, I will have to wait and see how the response is. I would love to publish one a week, though, so get reading and get writing!

Simply click on the form below, fill it out and email it to

Guest Post Submission Form 

IMG_4053  To quote the most incredible line I have heard in a long time:

Even crack dens glow with Penguins on the shelf.

– Douglas Coupland.


Please re-blog if you think your followers may be interested in a chance to guest post on

The Paperbook Blog!


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