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August, I hardly knew you…

Excuse me, what happened to August?

Did it actually happen or did I dream it? It feels like yesterday I was sitting in this exact spot with my heart pounding and sweaty palms, getting ready to click ‘publish’ on the first ever issue of The Paperbook Collective.

cover capture

Everything that has happened from that moment to this has been one exciting blur. And here I am again, slowly putting together issue two and praying desperately that it will live up to the hype!

Only six days to go until issue two of The Paperbook Collective is released! The submissions for this issue are fantastic, I am very excited to begin editing it and putting it all together.

CapturehjhjhjhMost conveniently, I am doing a unit at university this semester called Writing, Editing and Publishing, so hopefully I will pick up some great tips and tricks of the trade.

Thanks again to every single person who has contributed, liked, shared, commented or read issue one of The Paperbook Collective, your ongoing support is hugely appreciated.

I am currently accepting submissions for issue three, so get ahead of the game and send them through now! Once again, the deadline for submissions will be the 20th September.

submissions issue three

I hope you have all had a fantastic August.




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