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Turn on the radio.

The Paperbook Blog.

What an adventure.

What began as a tentative space to share my love of paperbooks has turned into something far greater than I could have ever imagined.

When I published my first post, back on the 5th May 2013, I imagined that by August I would have either given it up entirely or have amassed a following of maybe 20 people. I had no idea that it would inspire me to create my own magazine, put my writing out into the world, meet an incredible number of like-minded creative people and eventually be asked to come in for an interview on ABC South West radio.


Yep. That happened.

Last Friday, our local newspaper, The Bunbury Mail, published one of my pieces from issue one of The Paperbook CollectiveΒ on their online website. You can view it here.

That in itself was extremely exciting, even more so because it was featured in their hard copy paper which was delivered this morning.


What followed was even more exciting. On Monday I was minding my own business, pottering around the house, when my phone rang. It was David from ABC South West, wondering if I would come in and talk to him on air about my article published in The Bunbury Mail.

I almost fell off my chair.

24 hours later I was sitting in the studio, nervously tapping my foot, waiting to go on air for the first time in my life. The interview lasted a whole seven minutes, but if any of you have interviewed on radio before, you will know that those seven minutes can feel like a lifetime. I was concentrating so hard on not swearing, not saying ‘um’ too often, and never, never using that dreaded word… ‘like’. I’m surprised I managed to say anything at all.

So here it is folks, my radio debut. While I didn’t manage to get a plug for The Paperbook Collective I chatted to the producer for a while about the magazine, she even jumped on my blog while I was there. After the interview the producer and the host both said those wonderful, heady words to me:Β You are an excellent writer. Keep it up. Those two short sentences alone were worth the nerves (and the eventual hangover) that came with the whole experience. So was getting the producers email address with the directive to email through anything I liked to her for potential follow-up interviews.


Click on the link to hear my thoughts on working in the service industry in Australia, and the highs and lows that come with it.

To all my contributors out there I offer the following advice: use The Paperbook Collective ruthlessly and shamelessly. Use it to promote your work; use it in your online resumes and portfolios and anything else you can possibly think of. Email a copy to your local newspaper highlighting your pieces, and who knows what might happen. You might end up on your local radio station at 11.45am on a quiet Tuesday, talking about your piece on air.

There are endless possibilities, it is up to you to make the most of them.

So, amongst all the hoopla of the last few days, I didn’t manage to get on here for a final reminder about the submission deadline for issue two. Um…sorry…it was yesterday. If you didn’t manage to get your work in don’t stress, the deadline for submissions for issue three will be upon us before you know it. I have an excellent array of work for issue two, I’m excited to begin putting it all together. Hopefully everything will run a little smoother this time!!

Issue Two will be coming out on the 1st September, 2013, so stay tuned!

Happy hump day. Go read a paperbook.


  1. I am now terrified to eat out in case I inadvertently offend the waitress / waiter. Please don’t seat me by the toilet or kitchen 😦

  2. Always good to have a friendly hello πŸ™‚ Jayde, congrats on being picked up in the local paper, and by ABC radio. What’s ABC Open like down your way? The Paperbook Collective first edition, has been well worth the read too!

    • Thanks, it was exciting! ABC is good as it isn’t commercial. I’m glad you liked issue one, hopefully issue two will be just as good!

  3. Good for you! I’m so happy that you’re having such a great success! I’ve been enjoying issue one and looking forward to number two…and to send you something for number three! Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. This is great news, I am so happy to hear about this, as well as about your excitement and I hope there will be many more events like this in the future πŸ˜€

  5. kingmidget says

    Congrats to you! It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished in such a short time.

  6. Congrats Jayde. It’s been awhile since I’ve done media, but I still remember how nervous those first interviews were. –Curt

      • It does, for sure Jayde. But the nervousness never goes away totally. Just when you think you have it mastered, the 5 AM call from BBC London is guaranteed to throw you for a loop. πŸ™‚ –Curt

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