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I Love Mondays.

That’s just weird isn’t it?

No one loves Mondays. I mean, firstly, they follow the greatest day of the week. Not only do they follow it, but they do their best to ruin it, too.

Sunday’s are just incredible. They encourage laying in bed until 10am, drinking endless cups of tea while indulging in a good book. Exercise that you were meant to do in the morning just feels better at mid day, or even better in the early afternoon. Or even better, not at all.

And drinking. Drinking on Sundays is so much better than every other day of the week, it’s more indulgent, more decadent, more FUN somehow. You can start at midday and no one minds. You can while away the hours laying in the sun swilling cider, or rugged up in a small bar somewhere sipping endless glasses of scotch or red wine or some other appropriately warming beverage.

You always eat better on Sundays; café breakfasts followed by pub lunches and cheese and crackers in the afternoon. It’s truly the most majestic of all the days.

But, looming up on Sundays shoulder, is the ominous shadow of Monday. It does it’s best to ruin Sundays.

It reminds you not to drink too much because you have work in the morning. It reminds you that you have to organise your work clothes, reply to emails, check your diary and pay your bills, just to get a jump on the week ahead. It shouts the diminishing hours left of your Sunday right in your face: Only nine hours to go, only four hours to go, only an hour to go until you should be in bed!

It doesn’t let you stay up late and finish watching the rest of the Sunday night movie, because it whispers in your ear that you will be tired in the morning. It reminds you that you forgot to buy milk, or bread, or cat food, all those things that you put off doing over the weekend.

And yet, I love Mondays.

Ok, fine, I’m unemployed. Of course I love Mondays. They could be Sunday on repeat, if I wanted them to be. But that’s not why I love them.

Mondays for me right now hold so much promise for the week ahead. They are a chance for me to get through more work than I planned, so I can relax at the end of the week when I want to most. It’s a day full of promises, and healthy eating, and exercise plans, and opportunity. I never panic on a Monday, I have the rest of the week to do that.

If I get my life into order early on a Monday morning, I am on top of the world. And if I don’t, I know I have the rest of the week to make up for Monday.

But this morning, I feel like I have my life in order. Hence my outpouring of love for Mondays.

Only four university assignments left for the semester, and I’m a week ahead. I didn’t see this coming a few weeks ago, that’s for sure. Halle-bloody-lujah.

Friday Photo Challenge. 

I was going to publish the photos for the Friday Photo Challenge early this week, but I’ve changed my mind. I do that. I’ve decided to post them on Friday – hence, Friday Photo Challenge.

If you missed the post about this, it’s very simple.

Email a photo to of your computer (or other device) open onto The Paperbook Collective. It can be open to any page.

To access the links head to my page – The Paperbook Collective

Include in the photo the beverage you are drinking and the music you are listening to. Here is my example:

IMG_5253Bunbury, Western Australia
Drinking: Hendricks & tonic
Listening to: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Blog: The Paperbook Blog

Include in the email the following details:

  • Your name (or pseudonym)
  • Your city and country
  • Your drink
  • The music
  • Your blog link

Every photo submitted will feature in my Friday Photo Challenge post, which will be published this Friday (16.08.2013). You have until Thursday night to submit.

To make it more interesting, I will select my five favourite photos to feature in next month’s issue of The Paperbook Collective, which is being released 1st September. The magazine will include links back to your blog.

This is a fun and easy way to get viewers to your blog, guys, so make sure you send in your photos!

The Paperbook Collective – Issue Two

I have had some incredible submissions for the next issue, but keep them coming! As that little counter is reminding us, there are only 9 days to go until submissions close.

Here is the submission form for your convenience:

Submission Form_The Paperbook Collective

Send in anything you like – the more eclectic, the better!

On a final note, I spent Saturday night photographing my baby cousins 21st. It was an absolute blast, and reminded me what it was like to be 21 again.

Oh, to be 21 again.

Have a great week everyone.





  1. You are absolutely right about Mondays when one is the Master of one’s time. For me, I actually prefer Tuesdays as the start of my week, only because the library is closed on Mondays. Cheers to a great week!

    • It is nice being the master of one’s time, isn’t it. That is why I’m trying desperately to keep it going! Good point about the library, I have to join ours soon. Can you believe I’m not already a member??

    • Thankyou! Aren’t Sundays the greatest. I honestly believe they should be a few hours longer than the rest of the week.

  2. I love this post. I don’t love Mondays, but I love your perspective. I’m the type to sit at work on a Friday evening to make sure I can enjoy the weekend, though, so maybe we’re opposites in that way.

  3. I don’t like Mondays, I think because I am allready oing 5 milion stuff, i don’t need another new begining. I’d say my favourite days would be Wednesday (there is just something about becoming widely self-concious in the middle of the chaos, saying F* it all and going and having shot cocktails) and Saturday (I dont know why, but this day has been sacred for me since I know of myself, whatever you do, do not spoil me a Saturday!) 😀

    • Ahhh Wednesday. The first day of the week that you can drink without feeling guilty. (Although I was drinking red wine last night. On a Monday. For shame!)

  4. erickeys says

    I like Mondays, but mostly because things are so chaotic at home these days. Work feels like vacation!

  5. Oh, I needed to read this today! As my Monday is only about half over, my pot of coffee is half gone, and my pile of work is doubled. Now I might just give Monday a run for it’s money. Thanks Jayde!

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