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Write Drunk. Edit Sober.

Hello all,

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining, because it’s been raining all week here!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of rain, but not when it’s leaking through the roof and we’ve run out of firewood. An executive decision was made to tough it out for the rest of winter…needless to say I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed.

Just a quick post today to keep you motivated to submit for issue two of The Paperbook Collective. I have had some fabulous entries already, but as always, I’m looking for more.

Email your work through to me at:

For those of you who are new to this blog, and to The Paperbook Collective, check out the page at the top of the blog for all the info you will need.

There is plenty of space for more book reviews, poetry, flash fiction, short stories, photography, artwork and creative non-fiction.

Jot down a haiku.

Send it through.

Jot down 100 words.

Send it through.

Take a photo.

Send it through.

Hell, jot down a thought and send THAT through!

Here is some inspiration from one on my favourite authors:

ernest hemingwayI follow this philosophy a lot. Or better yet, stay drunk and I’ll do the editing for you.

There is still 13 days to go until submissions close but I know better than most how motivation can drop off if someone isn’t constantly reminding you. I’m the worst at it, I begin 100 new projects a day and scurry between them maniacally, constantly distracted by newer and better ideas. In fact, most of these great ideas occur to me when I’m out walking, I find there is nothing better than fresh air to help clarify your thoughts. After each walk you will generally find me, sweat covered, sitting at the computer trying desperately to jot everything down before I lose it.

Where is your creative place?

As always, continue to spread the Paperbook love guys. It is a great place to promote your blog and your particular brand of creativity.

If you know people who might be interested in contributing please share this with them!

albert better



  1. So much of my inspiration comes from walking! A significant portion of my pieces have the description: “wrote this after I took a walk today.” Because I don’t want to forget my ideas, I often find myself typing up things as a draft in my phone. Or, if I have my bag with me, I keep a notebook purely for jotting down sudden bursts of inspiration.

    I like your project. Thinking about sending something in!

    • I really hope you do! Yea I always find that I’ve left my phone at home whenever something great inspires me, or when something magical occurs that I want to take a photo of! Murpheys law I guess 🙂

  2. Couldn’t agree more with this. When is going for a walk ever a bad idea? Wait, that’s a great writing prompt…when’s the deadline for submissions again? 🙂

  3. Just read some of the first issue of The Paperbook Collective. Well done! I look forward to sneaking reads throughout the day 😀

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