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Keeping It Simple.

So, today I was browsing around my blog, you know, as you do.

I was trying to update my list of book reviews in my page On The Shelf, so I was looking back over old posts to see what I had missed.

And guys, I got overwhelmed.

Shit, I thought, if I can’t navigate my way around this blog then how the hell is someone else going to??

I toyed with a few ideas, looked at various widgets, but nothing seemed to really simplify the problem. I didn’t want an endless list of blog posts halfway down my page, I didn’t want the growing list of categories cluttering up my sidebar, and I was worried that if I simply replaced those with a search bar viewers wouldn’t know what to search for and would leave in frustration. (I have installed the search bar, by the way, so let’s see how helpful it actually is. Let me know).

I wish everything was laid out in one place, I thought. That’s when I decided to change the format of my blog and install a static cover page, outlining what the blog is about, where to find everything and most importantly, featuring the latest issue of The Paperbook Collective. 

I’ve been working on that cover for over an hour, but it’s finally finished. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back soon to fiddle with it some more, I have discovered that editing this blog is highly addictive. Like I needed another distraction (ok, procrastination) tool.

So, from this front page you can (I hope) easily find your way to my book reviews, old posts and information about the magazine. I really hope this simplifies The Paperbook Blog a bit, and makes it more easily accessible.

The ultimate test is up to you though, so, viewers, readers, followers, please let me know if this makes The Paperbook Blog an easier, more welcoming place to come and hang out. Do you have any suggestions? As always your opinion is the one I value the most. If it totally sucks break it to me gently, it’s been a hard week. I haven’t had a drink for a few days, so that could be it I suppose!

Now for a little update on The Paperbook Collective.

I am very pleased to say that we have had close to 1000 views of Issue One, and close to 2000 page impressions on ISSUU. And the magazine has only been up for seven days. Obviously this is the spike you will always get upon releasing a new publication, but if everyone continues to share and promote it, hopefully we can keep the buzz alive. Keep linking to it, talking about it and sharing it with your friends.

For my part I am promoting it as much as I can, emailing copies out and linking everything back to the ISSUU publication. I am so pleased with how this first issue has gone, it has far exceeded my expectations!

For those of you who haven’t already, pop over to the Facebook page for a look. Feel free to use it as a separate forum to promote the magazine, a copy is embedded on the page so you can use that to share it with your friends.

Submissions for issue two are flooding into my inbox, it is shaping up to be exciting. For those of you who haven’t yet submitted you have 14 days to do so, so get your creative brain working!

Thankyou once more to those of you who have re-blogged, shared or otherwise promoted the magazine. Without you it wouldn’t be half as successful as it is.

Cheers everyone.


    • Leya thanks so much for letting me know! I was a bit worried that no one had said anything…you’re a lifesaver. I hope it works for everyone 🙂

  1. My first thought when I saw it was “So organized! I wish I could do something like this!” 🙂 Good job. When I eventually actually publish something, I’m going to have the same organization problem…even more so, since my blog is not strictly about writing!

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