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The Nitty Gritty’s.

Hello Blog Land.

Submissions have closed for issue one of the Paperbook Magazine. For those of you who have sent work in…well done! You are about to be part of something creative and exciting and original.

Beaucoup good shit, too beaucoup.

For ease of understanding what this project is all about, I have created a page explaining the in’s and out’s of the magazine. This page is up the top, yep, right there, right hand side, labelled The Paperbook Magazine. Click on it and all your questions will be answered…hopefully.

So, yesterday I did something that I haven’t done since Primary School…I went stationary shopping. Ok, hands up who adores stationary. Wasn’t that just the greatest part of the school year, the day before first term when all your pencils were sharpened, your mum had labelled everything that didn’t move (and some things that did), your pencil case was clean and the future looked bright. Flash forward to the end of week two and your pencils were broken or lost, your pencil case looked like a homeless mouse lived in it and you were constantly borrowing an eraser from your neighbour.


But ahh, those promising golden moments when your pencils were sharp and everything was right in the world. They were truly magical times.

So it’s no wonder I spent far more time than I should deliberating over pencil grade and stapler width, highlighter colour and post-it size. I revelled in the luxurious smell of new stationary, the hope and promise it held for the upcoming magazine. I have decided to really embrace the handmade elements of this magazine, hence the stationary overload. I am fortunate enough to have an extremely high grade scanner/printer setup at home (worth getting ripped off in Harvey Norman for) so I am looking forward to connecting the handmade with the technological, which is exactly what the premise of this magazine actually is.


So, by now you might have noticed the little count down widget on the side of this blog. That frightening little box that tells me I have only 11 days left to get this magazine together. If you don’t hear a great deal from me in the next 11 days, you will know why. I’ll be up all hours smashing back coffee and gin simultaneously, editing this baby to within an inch of its life. Beaucoup good shit.

I have one final question for my contributors. I’m sorry I didn’t get all the questions asked at one time, but you know how these things pop into your head late on a Sunday evening.

Please let me know exactly what name you would like your work to be published under.

Some of you have let me know you would like to be published under pseudonyms, and that is absolutely fine. I will publish under any name you like, there is absolutely no obligation for your real name to appear anywhere in the magazine. I completely understand the desire to build a profile underneath your pseudonym. Not a problem at all. Similarly, if you wish to be published under your real name, no issue whatsoever. I try to keep rules and regulations to a minimum in my world.

So if you could flick me an email or pop your preferred by-line in the comments below, that would be much appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about anything to do with the magazine, ask away below or email me at:

Merci mon ami, merci beaucoup.


  1. You brought back a flood of memories, Jayde. I remember the excitement of new school supplies, and I STILL like looking at special papers and envelopes to use when postal-mailing a note or letter.

  2. erickeys says

    This is awesome, Jayde! I remember the “new stationary” experience so well… And I am really excited to see how the whole old tech/new tech things comes together.

    And “smashing back coffee and gin simultaneously” and working with brand new paper products does sound like a recipe for wonderful. Or a trip to jail. Either way, I’m sure you will have a blast and some great memories, and if you outrun Johnny Law, we’ll all see a great magazine come from it, too.

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