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Where in the World Are You?

Hello friends from around the globe!

We are down to the wire…less than 24 hours to go until submissions close for the first issue of the paperbook magazine!!

You have until midnight tonight in whatever country you are based in to get your submissions in. I’m not going to say ‘midnight in Australia’ because for some of you, you will be just getting out of bed! (If you enjoy a decent sleep in…)

So wherever you are in the world, you have less than 24 hours to get those final pieces finished and sent my way.

Which brings me to my next point…

Where In The World Are You?


Each day I check my stats and marvel over the fact that people in Lebanon, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Serbia etc. etc. are reading my humble words.

People in countries I have not yet had the privilege of travelling to are connecting with me through this blog, and I think that is absolutely amazing.  And that is going to be the beauty of this magazine, that it is a collection of work spanning the globe, representing all people in all countries everywhere. Don’t you think that is extremely cool?

So, I have decided to include your country along with your bio, to fully demonstrate the diversity that is contained within this magazine. A lot of contributors have included their country in their bio already, but if you haven’t, please email it through to me or write it in the comments. And for those of you finishing up your piece to send it in today, please include your country with it.


You don’t have to include your city or any specifics, and I would like it to be the country you are currently living in, rather than your country of birth. Of course if you would prefer to include your country of birth that’s fine, but I want to create a snap shot of exactly where the pieces included in the magazine are winging their way from.

To that end, I also need to include a quick note on editing in here. I live in Australia, therefore I am editing the magazine using Australian English.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some unreadable slang along the lines of ‘howyagarn’ or ‘Straya’ or ‘strewth’, the majority of us don’t speak like that. In public anyway.


Rather, it is very slight spelling differences, specifically to American spelling. So it is ‘colour’ instead of ‘color’, ‘realise’ instead of ‘realize’, and so on. It might seem insignificant but I really don’t want you to think I am making spelling errors in the magazine! I have had to edit some people’s work to conform to Australian spelling, and for that, I am sorry…but it is important that the magazine is uniform throughout.

So, that’s it from me.

I am having an absolute ball putting this magazine together so far, I hope it will be a treat for the eyes as well as the mind.

I want to say, once again, THANKYOU to everyone for your outstanding support. It has absolutely blown me away, I must admit. I had tentative visions of releasing a five page magazine with a couple of entries from other people, but needless to say that idea is history. The sheer amount of submissions and messages of encouragement from everyone has been second to none, it has truly been both touching and humbling. I really hope that together we can make this magazine a huge success, and it will lead on to bigger and better things for us all!

You are amazing. You are incredible. You rock my world. Thank you.



  1. erickeys says

    I am a transplant to the state of North Carolina in the USA.

  2. If I understand correctly, we will be able to read the magazine online as well as printing in paper (in some countries), right? Truly looking forward to reading it.

    • You sure will, there will be an online version on my blog so you don’t have to print it out at all if you don’t want to!

  3. 😦 I wanted to contribute this go-round, but my other writing projects and life (including searching for a job so as to keep the roof over our heads…) has intervened. Thank you for your diligence and I hope to get something over for the next go-round (or maybe the one after that…)!

    • No problem my friend, I do know how that pesky thing called life gets in the way of a good time! I do hope you can contribute for the next one (submissions close 20th August) and best of luck in all your many writing adventures, which I can see are going from strength to strength!

      • Yes, at the start of next year, to Sydney. It is exciting, although the stories of heat and constant sun are rather discouraging 🙂

  4. penegrinshaw says

    I live in an inbred town in England. Luckily Aussies and Poms spell things the same so you should be OK with my editing! Best of luck!

  5. Born, raised, and working in the great Midwest USA state of Ohio, Mate.*
    –John Robinson
    * or is “Mate” only used for Aussie MEN?

  6. Currently live on the Gulf of Mexico in the state of Texas y’all. That would be the Republic of Texas in the United States. -John

    • Thank you so much for sharing the post! I’m looking forward to the August 1 release date too, although it does seem scarily close!

    • It’s up to you Hadas, you only need to write one if you want one in the magazine 🙂 You can still email it through to me if you like.

    • Sorry if I’m being obtuse (it is early on a Sunday morning) but have you submitted something for the magazine? I don’t recognise your pen-name!

      • No lol sorry, just saying where I am. It’s nighttime here, been a long day in the heat, and I was impulsive. Nice to ‘meet’ you anyway. Have a great morning!

      • Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by, I checked out your blog and I think you should contribute something to the next issue of the magazine!

      • Wow, thanks! I’d love to do that, where on your blog do you describe the submission guidelines, and when should I submit by? Thanks again. Sage.

      • Ok, I’m seeing some posts on your blog that might set me in the right direction. I’ll have a more indepth look tomorrow, send something to you some time this week, and if it works for you that would be great. Thanks for the offer! Again, have a great Sunday. It’s Saturday night for me. Take care, Sage

      • No problem! Yes I am in the process of collating those blog posts so people can find them all in one place. So much to do, so little time 🙂

      • I know what those time constraints are like, believe me. But like I said I’ll look around and find what I need to know, then send something to you. Thanks so much! Have a great day…or evening 🙂

  7. I live in France, right on the Mediterranean, which I often call “the Med” in my writing. I look forward to the first issue!

    • Hi there, again, I’m really sorry if I’m being obtuse but have you contributed to the magazine? Perhaps your email came through under a different name?

    • Hi Jessica, I have finally got my act together and created a page explaining the magazine, so pop up to the top of my blog and click on The Paperbook Magazine…hopefully it will answer all your questions!

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