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Dazed and Confused.

Taking five to put up another reminder…now only two days to go!!


Two days until submissions close for the paperbook magazine, that is.

But, not only that…two days until we finally get rid of this dog! My sister is on her way back from Asia as we speak, and as of Saturday, my house will be blissfully dog-free once more. There are simply not enough descriptive words in the English language to explain how happy that makes me.


I don’t have much else to say here, and I don’t have much time to say it. What with assignments and dogs and magazine submissions and general every day life I don’t have time to scratch myself, change out of my pyjamas or change the roses around my house. I obviously need to sleep less…


 One final picture to finish up this teeny tiny post. This little fella lives in my garden. He has lived there ever since a friend of mine stole him from the very famous Gnomes Ville (look it up – it’s a city of gnomes, I kid you not). Every time I look at him I feel a touch guilty, I mean, some poor unsuspecting soul thinks that their cute little gnome is still living it up in Gnomes Ville. Instead, he is living the life of Reilly amongst my snow peas and horseradish plants. I still plan on returning him to Gnomes Ville one day, but in the meantime, he brightens both my back garden and my day.


And on that completely inconsequential, rambling note I will leave you be. I am dazed and confused from spending the past eleven hours in front of my computer screen. It’s high time I logged off, shut down, toddled off and poured myself a nice big whisky. It’s probably high time you did too.



  1. erickeys says

    Glad you’re coming back to join us – the dog free people!

  2. the gnome reminds me of one in my yard. My kids’ much younger twin cousins had a gnome themed birthday party and one of the activities was each kid got a little gnome statue that they painted. I still have one in my garden.

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