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It’s that time people…time to start getting excited.

Or, if you’re me, more excited, nervous and exhilarated than you have ever felt before. Except perhaps the time I went skydiving in New Zealand, but that’s another story.


That’s right, three days left to get your submissions in for the very first issue of the Paperbook Magazine!! (name pending).

I have had some excellent submissions flow in over the past few days as everyone finishes polishing their work and sending it my way. If you’re still hesitating, now is the time to bite the bullet and send it in.

Don’t miss out!

I had a very productive creative session last Sunday with my good friend from Art Of Darkness, throwing around ideas and thoughts. And, let’s face it, getting very drunk. But we have decided on a fantastic cover image, which he is working on as we speak. This magazine is going to be a creative collaboration, from cover to cover. Get excited. Get involved.

Now for a few little updates…


I have decided to print out copies of the magazine and distribute them around town. I have enquired in a few funky cafes, a pizza parlour and the local art supplies store, and they all seem pretty keen to jump on board! It will be very cool to see our magazine, something that so many of you have contributed to, actually circulating around in print-copy form! Too many exclamation marks! Too much excitement!

On that note, if you have work in the magazine and you think it would be cool to distribute it around your town or city, please feel free to print it out and share it around. It will be in a printer friendly format, all you will need to do is press the button. I will be posting pictures up on here of our magazine in situ, it would be very cool if you could do the same.


I have discussed it with my partner, and he has agreed to pay for the copyright to the magazine. I do love that man. I will be organising it in the next few days, but I have had a brief look and it seems it will be copyrighted under creative artworks, valid in over 130 countries. This means I will own the rights to the magazine as a whole, but, and I want to make this very clear….


If, after the magazine has been published, you want to use your work in some other way, that’s fine. If you want to blog about it, tweet it, put it on Facebook, upload your pictures to Instagram, whatever, that is ok. As long as you do it AFTER publication. And it would be lovely, although not a requirement, that you link your work back to the magazine, further promoting it.

This may change at some point in the future, depending on the direction the magazine goes in. But at this early stage in time, this is a free publication, a voluntary collaboration of like minded individuals who want to share and promote their work in a unique and creative fashion.


In saying all that, I am the one putting this bad boy together. So that means that at some point I may edit your work slightly, mainly to make it fit correctly and look appealing on the page. You all know how irritating it is when those last two lines just won’t fit, and they end up stranded on the next page, lonely and shivering in the cold.

I may also ask to change a picture that you have included, if it is retrieved from Google. In this situation I will most likely be replacing it with a picture of my own, which will be in exactly the same concept and design as the picture you provided. This is simply to stay in keeping with the originality of the magazine.

Please note: These edits will only be minor, and they will not change the meaning or direction of your work in any way. I will be emailing any edits back to the creator, to seek their approval before publication.

Mac vs. PC:

I realised something both irritating and distressing the other day. I have a PC. Ok, I mean, obviously I knew that, and I’m fine with it, but what I hadn’t considered was that anything I produce on the PC will not be compatible with Mac computers. And considering there is probably a 50/50 split out there in the world (or whatever, I haven’t done the numbers), that means that 50% of people won’t be able to access the magazine. So I’m currently investigating the program that will allow me to transfer the magazine into a Mac friendly format, so I can release both versions of the magazine simultaneously.

So, to my amazing followers out there…can you save me a lot of time and heartache and point me in the right direction? I need something that will modify both Word and PDF versions of a document from PC format to Mac format. Have you ever done this before? Do you know someone who has? Let me know now, for god’s sake, and save me endless hours of sifting through Google, desperately trying to find what I need.

Thankyou. Your expected help is greatly appreciated.

Well, I think that’s about it for now. Oh, yes, one last thing….


For those of you who have already submitted, reblog this so your followers can get on board.

For those of you who are yet to submit, reblog this to give yourself that last push of motivation to finish and send in your piece.

For those of you who have little to no interest whatsoever, reblog this so you can complete your good Samaritan act of kindness for today.

As with anything, the more people we get interested and involved, the more people will be reading the magazine. And the more people reading the magazine, the more people will be seeking out your blog. And that is a win/win situation for everyone.

So, a final reminder:


Email your work to:

Share the excitement. Share the love.


Here is a picture of some roses currently decorating my kitchen table. Why? Just ’cause. I can’t publish a post with no pictures in it, because, after all:

What is the use of a [blog post] without pictures?

– Alice in Wonderland.



    • Yes it will cover over 130 countries, I’m certain India will be one of those!! I will let you know for sure once I have organized it 🙂

  1. erickeys says

    I’ve scheduled a post which links to this post. So, do I get a chocolate, or what? 😉 (Or better yet, some of whatever you and Art of Darkness were drinking!)

  2. Pingback: THREE DAYS LEFT! | erickeys

  3. I reblogged to my bloggy blog 🙂
    I wont be able to submit for this month, but Im looking forward for the next one.
    I dont think there will be a problem for macs, but I dont use one.

    • Thank you very much! Feel free to send through work for issue two whenever you like, again, submissions will close 20th August for that issue.

      Thanks for the support!!

  4. Michelle says

    help with your formatting problem – and I’m not sure if this gets at what you’re asking – but have you considered using issuu ( when you publish online? it’s a very sleek site that displays PDFs of magazines beautifully. when I edited a magazine, that’s what we used to post it on our site!

  5. anneclongmire says

    Do you have a specific format you prefer for text submissions? Pdf, word, email body…

    For the format dilemma, I have the trial version of Scrivener ($40 full) that handles many electronic document forms, including ebook, which would enlarge our audience.

    • Michelle says

      I’ve always received submissions in Word documents and then done layout in Adobe InDesign – if you’re a student, you may be able to get a really substantial discount. (I paid something like $200 for Adobe suite at the Apple Store – I’m sure PC deals are similar!) The only tricky thing is that you’ll need to strip the Word formatting before transferring into InDesign – just select all and choose “no spacing” as your format option. I imagine that this would work for alternatives to Adobe software – it takes care of all of the tabs, spaces, etc., that can mess things up when you lay out in design software. But, that’s just what worked for us with the software we had! You’re smart to request submissions in the same format.

    • Hi Anne,
      A word document would be fantastic for submission. That way I can save it directly onto my computer. Again, thanks for the advice, I knew everyone would be helpful! Ill start investigating this stuff today. 🙂

  6. ~xtian says

    Pretty flower.
    And Mac vs PC – DEBIAN

    This comment brought to you by the wrong end of the 1990s

  7. Oh my, such a great idea! I didn’t see this properly until now…hope it’s not too late to send some photography? I guess it’s too late to reblog anyway…

  8. I just found this post. Maybe if I get something off to you right away it might just scrap into your time frame. I’m off to search out some images I haven’t yet posted on my blog.

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