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Welcome to the Weekend.

It is the best feeling in the world.

There is absolutely no feeling like it.

It’s Friday afternoon, I press ‘submit’ on the last assignment of the week, and I crack open a cider. The refreshing fizz of that summery drink in the depths of winter makes it all the more delicious. The fact that I managed to get anything done this week is extraordinary, considering the sheer volume of hours I spend walking this bloody dog. But no matter. It got done.


The main distraction.

It’s definitely time for an update on the Paperbook Magazine. (Real name pending). I have had some absolutely amazing submissions so far, I can see a real body of creative work coming together. It makes me very excited!

I will take a few moments now, before I open my second cider, to address some of the most frequently asked question’s I have had so far:

When is the magazine going to be released?

I was initially planning on releasing it around the 24th, but I have decided to push it back to the 1st of August for a number of reasons. Firstly, that is an easy date to remember. When does that magazine come out again? The first of each month. See how easy that is? Secondly, that will give me plenty of time to get it right, and plenty of time for YOU to submit your work. You. Yes, you! I know you have it out there, lurking on your computer. Hit the send button. NOW.


What’s up with the bio’s?

Basically, at the start of the magazine, I would like to have a CONTRIBUTIONS section where I sing the praises of everyone who contributes. It would be a short piece about you, who you are, what you’re about, etc. It doesn’t have to be your real name. We’re online. We’re in the creative industry. Some of the greatest writers in the world wrote entirely under pseudonyms, (Eric Arthur Blair? Charles Lutwidge Dodson?) and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be one of them. Similarly, you don’t need to have a bio if you don’t want one. I am more than happy to put nothing but your name, or even simply your blog address, beneath your work. It’s totally up to you.


List of contributors…where is your name?

What should we submit?

I think I was a bit unclear as to what you should submit in my last posts. I said ‘a sample of your work’. What I should have said was a piece which you would like published in the magazine, one that is:

  • original
  • unpublished on your blog
  • not available anywhere on the internet
  • under 800 words

I have had some absolutely wonderful submissions so far, but the more people involved the more successful the magazine will be!

Will you link to our blogs?

YES!! Yes I will! One of the driving forces behind this magazine is to generate more interest in our blogs, and to lead readers to blogs that they will enjoy. Your blog will be available as a link in the online version of the magazine, and as a URL in the downloadable version, in addition to any other social media platforms you are part of.

tumblr_lnlg3qjpXx1qzq3qh[1] images[9] images[1] FDNews_newtwitterlogogrey[1]wordpress[1]Link’s to your online profile.

What will the magazine look like?

As yet, I have no idea. (!!) I am playing around with design every day, scrapping old stuff and starting afresh. Next week I have a good friend coming up to work on it with me for a few days (YAY). He is an incredible artist and designer, whose work will be featured in the magazine. With his help, I think I can come up with a fantastic format and design for the magazine.

When do we have to submit our work by?

I’m pretty flexible about this, although I would love to get all submissions for the first issue in the next week or so. This will allow me plenty of time for formatting and editing the magazine. If you absolutely can’t submit your piece by then that’s ok, as I mentioned this will be an ongoing project, so you can get your work into issue two!

So far I have had poetry, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, and book reviews submitted. That isn’t to say that I don’t want more of this great stuff, I absolutely do! But to flesh out the magazine and create diversity I am particularly looking for:

  • short poetry and haiku’s
  • Artwork (can be anything, from a painting to a quick sketch or doodle)
  • More flash fiction (I love it)
  • Photographs (none submitted yet – they do need to be unpublished)
  • More non-fiction pieces (just as you would write for a blog post)

So, next time you are whipping up a blog post, pause a second before you press publish. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a new, original concept? Wouldn’t it be great to drive more traffic to your blog? Wouldn’t it be great to find more original work, more creative and inspiring ideas, more brilliance?

Email your work to me instead, and become part of the first ever creative collaboration, the very first Paperbook Magazine.

Send it my way. Go on. You know you want to.

For more information check out my other posts:

Happy weekend everyone, and happy fourth of July to my American followers!


Two ciders down…welcome to the weekend.



  1. The problem with photographs is……….. unpublished. Most of mine that I like have appeared somewhere. Blog, FB, G+. I shall ferret around in the vaults and see if I can find something good.

    • I know, it is a big ask! If I get absolutely none I will probably open it up to published ones, but I would love to get some never-seen-before ones too!! I really hope you find some Andrew, I would absolutely love some of your photos in there!!

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